The Crosswalk Company

Making Pedestrians More Visible One Flag At a Time

The Crosswalk Company

If you would like to make a donation to the Crosswalk Co., there are three ways to help:


1.       Make a general donation

2.       Sponsor an intersection

3.       Request a startup kit to set up an intersection in your neighbourhood


Making a general donation

A general donation will go towards expanding to a new intersection, providing a startup kit for other kids in other neighbourhoods, or purchasing replacement flags, signs or containers. Please contact us through our website for further information.


Sponsoring an intersection

If you are interested in sponsoring an intersection, it costs $150.  When you sponsor an intersection the Crosswalk Co. will buy the flags and other necessary resources to set up our flag program at one new intersection.  You will get to choose where in NORTH Leaside (near northlea ems) the flags will be set up and the Crosswalk Co. will set up the intersection and maintain it.  We will recognize your contribution with a sign on the containers placed on that intersection. Please contact us through our website for further information.


Requesting a startup package

We are currently in the process of changing our startup package model. Stay tuned—more information will be provided soon.